Neurosurgery Chiefs of Service

Dr. John W. Elliot was first to express interest in establishing brain surgery as a specialty at Mass General. He appears to have performed his first three explorations for tumors in 1895 in the presence of a young Harvard University medical student named Harvey Cushing, widely regarded as the father of modern neurosurgery.
At that time there was no dedicated neurosurgical specialty at the hospital. A total of 63 “brain cases” were divided among 18 operating surgeons between 1895 and 1905 - a period that, not surprisingly, produced little progress in diagnostic or operative technique.
Special Assignment
In 1911, formal policies were established for interactions between surgeons and neurologists. Samuel J. Mixter, a surgeon who had shown interest in the operative treatment of trigeminal neuralgia, was given a “Special Assignment in the Surgery of the Central Nervous System.”
Chiefs of Service
Three Chiefs - Cafe Budapest,1978
Drs E. Baker, NT Zervas, HA Wilkinson, JC White, WH Sweet and HL Cares.
::: Photo courtesy Dr HL Cares.
::: Photo taken by Dr S. Brem.
Neurosurgical Service now HMS Neurosurgery Department

Chiefs of Service in MGH Neurosurgery
Many of the photos are from the 'Mixter Library Collection', the semi-annual 'Resident Group Picture' series, the "Early history and Neurosurgery to 1939" by Dr Fred Barker and/or from "A Short History and Alumni Record (1909 to 1983)" br Dr Nicholas T. Zervas and/or "The Sequel" also by Dr Nicholas T. Zervas.

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